Easy Chicken Dumplings

Hello everyone

I know how it is to be on a tight budget this is a great affordable meal you can make for your family with less than seven ingredients. I love bel-pepper and onions but you can always substitute to your liking.


Plain self rising flour
1/2 Bel-pepper
1/2 Onion
1 pack of chicken

How to prepare:

Put pack of chicken in a pot filled with about three cups of water. Add diced bel-pepper and onions into the pot with salt and pepper. Make sure chicken is completely cooked before starting to make your dumplings.

To make your dumplings you will need to put two cups of flour into a mixing bowl and start to add water slowly to the flour until it becomes firm. It also depends on how big the pot and for how many people you are cooking for. Once the dough is firm roll your dough out and start to cut squares of dough out and place them into the pot with the chicken you may have to add more water also. Once all your dumplings are in the pot salt and pepper them and let everything cook together for about 20 to 30 minutes to make sure the dumplings cook through and through. No need to add anything extra the dough from the dumplings will create a thick gravy for your chicken and will taste great.

This is a simple meal my grandma use to make on a budget and I believe you and your family will love it.