Easy Juicy Broiled Seasoned Chicken Breast

I have one more recipe for you guys today and I promise it’s very easy to do, but it taste really good :).

“What you will need”

Thin cut chicken breast

garlic-pepper seasoning ( this is two seasoning mix together you can find it on the aisle with the rest of the seasonings just look for garlic pepper seasoning.)

If you do not like garlic this seasoning can always be changed to the seasoning of your choice.

A large ziplock bag


last you will need A large pot

“Ok let’s begin”

Take your chicken breast they can be frozen or defrosted they will cook about the same amount of time. Season your chicken breast with the garlic pepper or the seasoning of your choice and place them into the ziplock bag.

take your large pot and fill it half full and place it on medium high heat and once the water comes to a small simmer place the ziplock bag with the chicken breast into the pot. Make sure the whole bag does not fall into the water, because water will leak into the bag before the seasoning get a chance to set. Make sure to turn the bag so all the sides of the chicken can broil.

Let boil for at least 25 minutes and it is ok if the bag has a small amount of water inside after boiling a while and please be careful opening the bag because steam may rise out once opened. After about 25 minutes take your broiled chicken out the pot and slowly open the bag. Add whatever sides you like and you are done. I really love eating this on a bun with mozzarella cheese and lettuce. It can be great for lunch and save money.

I hope you try it and enjoy it :).