Hamburger Patties/Gravy and Rice

Hello everyone, I am here with you again to share a few of my recipes. This one is not going to be so quick, but I tell you it is a very tasty dinner for your family.

“What you will need”

2 packs of hamburger meat depending on your family size you may need more/less

1 Bell-Pepper

1 onion


Season salt

2 1/2 Cups of Rice



1 Egg

and last, but not least a large pan, I love to use my cast iron skillet it seems to work best for me :).

“Ok let’s begin”

Get your 2 packs of hamburger meat and place it into a large mixing bowl….

Take the bell pepper and dice it into small pieces

take your onion and dice it into small pieces as well

Add both diced onion and bell pepper to your Hamburger and mix in the one egg and stir it all together. Now add 4 teaspoons of pepper and 4 teaspoons of season salt to your meat or season it to your liking.

When everything is mixed together get your pan to medium hot and start to make your hamburger patties out of the mix, and place them into the pan. Make sure to mash the middle down of the pattie so they will not swell and it keeps you from mashing them down so much and also do not turn your patties over until they are brown on one side because they may stick to the pan.

once your patties are done make sure to save the grease from them cause that will be used to make your brown gravy.

once the patties are out of the hot pan pour a small amount of the grease out the pan because you don’t want your gravy really greasy. Take the remaining grease and add 2 teaspoons of flour and stir to make sure no lumps are left in the gravy. Then add a small amount of water at a time to the pan and keep stirring as you pour. once the flour has become a liquid in the pan add another cup of water and let simmer for 5 minutes before adding the meat back into the pan. Go ahead and cook your rice and veggies on the side and there you go a really tasty  meal.

I hope you all try it and love it :).